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How to Implement Paperless Invoice Processing

paperless invoicing

Yes, it is cost-effective to process invoices without a paper trail. Even if you use a digital system to process invoices, you can easily track all activities through it. This is the first step to going paperless for your invoicing system. Your accounting team must identify where they currently stand with their AP processes and how they can be improved through automation and a paperless system. A paperless invoice process looks similar to a traditional one but is much faster and easier to process.

  • A paperless invoice is a simplest and quickest way to invoice your worldwide clients without leaving your desk.
  • This system allows businesses to create, send, and manage customer invoices directly from their smartphones or tablets.
  • Meeting with the whole accounting department to assess the present state of the AP process, identify areas for improvement, and assign roles is essential for a smooth transition to paperless invoices.
  • When you are in an office environment, it makes sense but if you are working remotely (like the current situation) you might not have access to your scanner.
  • Approving manually created invoices is another major task, but when it comes to paperless invoicing, the process is smoother and better.
  • By understanding the different available options, businesses can decide which system is best suited to their own unique needs and help ensure a successful transition to electronic billing.

Make sure an automated AP solution has all you need before committing to it. Medius is just one example of the many scalable, highly effective software systems available today that can meet the needs of enterprises of any size. All paper records must be digitized by an internal department or a contracted service. This tedious work may take a lot of time and energy, but it will be well worth it in the long run. Though some businesses and communities may recycle diligently, many do not. You must also consider the impact of inks and toners since they often include chemicals harmful to the environment and become paperless offices.

HVAC Paperless Invoicing

Email distribution can be triggered manually by the user themselves or, if desired, automatically, directly from the ERP system. The email and the attached PDF invoice can be archived in an audit-proof manner in our document management system or using third-party DMS software. Electronic invoicing is a pragmatic way to make processes more efficient, while minimizing effort and saving time every day. Many customers appreciate the convenience of being able to pay their invoices quickly and securely online – as well as the transparency of the payment process. Additionally, businesses have also benefitted from the automation that comes with digital invoice processing – such as improved accuracy and efficiency.

  • You can see how many of your invoices are processed straight through, where your workflows get held up or delayed, how many payments each of your employees process, and more.
  • When you are implementing a paperless invoicing process, avoid the mistake of tackling all suppliers at the same time.
  • You save expenses and benefit from high transparency and shorter processing times.
  • Additionally, businesses should also consider developing a user-friendly portal for submitting payments which will help to reduce customer queries about payment statuses or other related issues.

The dematerialisation of invoices is one of the major challenges for the accounting management of companies for the coming years, let us see why. The same applies to invoices that would be created in electronic form and then sent exclusively in paper format. Native dematerialisation is when new documents are received directly in digital format.

How can you implement a paperless invoice processing system?

Capturing early payment discounts is one of the important KPIs for world-class AP teams. You can only capture early payment discounts if your invoice approval workflow is highly efficient and you have drastically decreased the time spent on processing invoices. If you are planning on automating your invoice process, InvoiceOwl is the perfect invoicing automation software for you.

paperless invoicing

If possible, just set up a flag in your supplier management system so it is easy to run reports and identify vendors who are not on board yet. If you are going to submit more than 100 invoices in a year, then our preferred method is EDI. For example, if you are only going to purchase twice a year from the new vendor, then it doesn’t make sense to spend time setting up EDI or any other electronic data exchange protocol. This is no different from Email invoices as most AP automation systems can easily read the email body and create invoices directly from that.

How to collect payments with GoCardless

To make sure you are constantly reminding vendors for on-boarding, set up a tracking system so that you can easily track who is onboarded and who is not. Instead, you might be better off if they just go to a supplier portal and submit their invoices. We recommend that you draft a letter that you can then send to all your key suppliers. The next step is to reach out to the vendors to understand their capabilities and preferences.

paperless invoicing

For this purpose, paper invoices scanned in after receipt via post and incoming electronic invoices are imported using optical content recognition (OCR). The recognized relevant document data are made available for subsequent processing and verification. You save expenses and benefit from high transparency and shorter processing times.

Choosing the right paperless software

Incorporating a digital and paperless invoice processing solution may give several AP departments a chance to contribute more meaningfully to the firm’s overall success. By streamlining your accounts payable (AP) process, your AP department will have more time to devote to value-added tasks. So you are responsible for sending them out and collecting the money.

Once you have created the invoices on your desktop or smartphone, you need to send them to the customer. Since printing is not what you want, you can email them directly with the in-app feature. Generally, doing things quickly means compromising the quality of the work, which is the polar opposite scenario with paper-free invoicing.

But the dematerialisation of invoices is not simply an IT manipulation. It implies a profound change in the accounting management of companies. You get to create custom approval workflows with up to 5 levels of approvers ensuring that payments of all magnitudes are under the control and supervision of the respective manager. When it comes time to choose an automated AP solution, make sure it meets all of your business needs. There are an array of exceptionally efficient software platforms on the market, such as Medius, which can be scaled to fulfill the requirements of businesses small and large. Whether digitizing is completed within your company or hired out, converting all your paper documents is a must.

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